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Contest Overview

What is it?

Each month Children In Film chooses two new photo contest winners, one boy and one girl.  Winners are featured on our website in our newsletters and receive a FREE lifetime membership (until they reach 18 years of age). 

To enter the photo contest, simply register with Children In Film as a FREE Basic or Enhanced member and you will be automatically entered into the contest using the main photo you upload for your profile.  

Why we do it?

When it comes to signing an agent or landing your first audition, sometimes all the professionals have to go off of is your picture.  But in this industry cute kids are a dime a dozen, so if your headshot isn't up to par, you'll be looked over even if you do have a face made for the big screen. 

It's this simple: 
Your headshot must stand out.

At Children In Film we offer tips for taking great headshots in our Kidstart Program as well as a database of professional photographers.  Our monthly Photo Contest is designed to showcase great photos featuring not only cute kids with star potential, but most importantly well-shot pictures. 

A great headshot is well lit and well framed; the child's expression is 
genuine and he or she is free of unnecessary amounts of makeup and accessories.

We encourage you to take note of the winning photos and use them as examples in your own selection of your child's perfect headshot.  

Agents don’t like to view photos attached to e-mail.  Attachments sometimes contain viruses and agents are often leery about opening them. 

ChildrenInFilm.com provides agents with a safe way to view your child's photos and resume online and if they are interested, they can contact you instantly to schedule a meeting.