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Ratings System

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RATINGS: Why are they important?

Here at ChildrenInFilm.com, we focus on one core principle: provide parents and professionals alike with the tools needed to successfully employ a child in the entertainment industry and a safe way to connect with each other.   We aim to make terms like “stage parent” and “known scam” (in other words “bad service") a thing of the past.  As we've always said, our business is full of legitimate professionals, hardworking parents and talented child actors.  So how do you find them?

ChildrenInFilm.com provides guidance and recommendations when searching for and selecting professionals with whom to do business because each member has the opportunity to rate and recommend other members.

We help you find the very best in the business and help those providing outstanding service, get the business they deserve.

STAR RATINGS: Serious business!

                Poor                                                                                     Excellent

Negative (1):
Overall experience was negative. Would not recommend.
Neutral (3):
Opinion is neutral.  Feel neither positive or negative about the experience.
Positive (5):
Loved this person! Strongly recommend them to others.

Every time you click on a member’s star rating, you provide the community with anonymous valuable feedback regarding the experiences you have had utilizing that member's services.  You help identify, and therefore qualify, outstanding service providers, but are not forced to share your information or profile with those reading the feedback.

Industry Pros:  Boost your ratings by asking our members to share their experiences about the service you have provided.  Click Here for a sample ratings request letter.

RECOMMENDATIONS: leave your comments and feedback!

Recommendations are like resume references.  They help to boost your online profile and are a way for you to give the community personal feedback on other members.  Help build member confidence and create opportunities for improvement by leaving positive comments for other users.   Mention something you loved about working with the member but don’t hesitate to give the member ideas on how to improve. Close with something positive. 

Because your profile is attached to these recommendations, members can contact you through the site for further information.  It also adds credibility to the feedback the member has received.

Be sure to leave only fair and factual ratings and recommendations.  They should relate to a specific experience you have had with our members. Only industry professionals may receive ratings.
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