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Dianna DeLaGarza

Mother of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's mom, Dianna DeLaGarza isn't a stranger to performance.  She was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and even did some singing and touring in her day.  Today, she supports the dreams of her three talented daughters, Dallas Lovato, Demi Lovato and Madison DeLaGarza.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in Dallas, Texas, Demi Lovato expressed an interest in entertainment from an early age.  A natural-born singer, Demi participated in pageants and voice and piano lessons, but it wasn't until she was "discovered" at an open-call casting for Barney and Friends that she truly hit the ground running with her acting career.

Demi's older sister Dallas had shown an interest in entertainment early on as well.  Her mother helped her pursue this interest by taking her on casting calls and helping her improve her skills in various classes and competitions.  Dallas was featured in multiple local and national commercials and continued to pursue these opportunities with her younger sister.

While pregnant with her third child, Madison, Dianna took Dallas and Demi to interview with a well-known agency in Texas.   It was here that Dallas and Demi secured representation.  Excitingly enough, the agency also wanted to represent Madison, instructing Dianna to bring her in once Madi was a few weeks old.

Demi has gone on to become an international sensation, as both an actress and a singer.  She was the lead on Sonny with a Chance and was also cast in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam along with many other credits.  Additionally, Madison landed the role of Eva Longoria's daughter on Desperate Housewives.  At the time of her receiving this opportunity, combined with Demi's full schedule, the family decided it was time to move to LA.  Today, all three girls continue to pursue their acting and singing careers.  Dallas has even become involved in the family management business and both Dianna and her husband maintain very full schedules parenting three successful child performers.



On Getting Started in the Biz

CIF: How were you first exposed to the entertainment business?
DD:  I started off my own career as a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader. Additionally, I pursued a career as a country music singer.  My first paying job was at Six Flags Over Texas and later I went on to open for names like Hank Williams and Reba McEntire. 

CIF: How did you first get your children started in entertainment?
DD: The girls started their careers off in Texas where they began in pageants and took lessons for things like singing and piano.  For the pageants we participated in (which focused on talent, charisma and sportsmanship rather than glitz and glam), the girls had to be extremely proficient in their performance skills.  Later I took them to open auditions and cattle calls.  Dallas was cast in various commercials and did a lot of voiceover work.  Demi later landed a role on Barney and Friends and at that point we decided it would be a good idea to have the girls take regular acting lessons.

On Working in Entertainment

CIF: Do your children want to be in entertainment their whole lives or do they want to do something different as adults?
DD:  Neither Demi nor the other girls have expressed an interest in doing anything else.  Madison was basically born in to performance and she just adores what she does.  Having a passion for this industry is so important.  If children do not have a passion for entertainment, success will be much harder to achieve.  Demi hopes to transition gracefully from a child star to an adult performer.  She hopes one day to do work in other genres like horror for example.  Dallas continues to audition and has recently landed new management.  Additionally, she is working in the family business of management.  And Madison, of course, is working regularly on Desperate Housewives.  The girls love what they do but they know that if at any time they lose interest or decide it isn't for them, all they have to do is say so.

On Parenting a Child Actor

CIF:  How do you avoid the negative connotation of "stage mom?"
DD:  Well the term "stage mom" can be good or bad, but when it is bad I think it is because of the approach one has towards a situation. Any situation can be solved if you just express yourself appropriately.  You can always say, "Can we talk about this and work this out," in a way that will be effective.  It's also important to be a team player and to work with the team (ie agent, manager, child, production company, etc) and to truly remain the parent because being the parent is a job in itself.

CIF: What advice would you give other parents just starting out?
DD: I would advise them not to downsize how important the role of "parent" truly is.   Be your child's support system.  Encourage them and support them in everything that they do.  The first step to getting started is to determine whether or not your child has a passion for the industry.  Then get them training.  Educate yourself as much as possible and have faith.  Everything else will work itself out one step at a time.

On Children In Film

CIF: What is your current relationship with Children In Film?
DD:  I cannot say enough good things about Children In Film.  First of all, I would recommend to any parent just starting out that they use websites and resources that are run by true professionals.  There are too many scams out there and too many sites that speak from the point of view of someone's opinion, but not someone who truly knows the business. Children In Film is incredible and they have helped me in so many ways.  Plus, I just adore Trisha in permit services. I cannot tell you how many times she's saved us!!