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Giving Back

How Children In Film Gives Back

In an effort to give back to our community, Children In Film, Inc. will donate a portion of the gross proceeds from membership fees to charity.  The charities we have chosen work to raise money and awareness on key issues that affect children within the United States and around the world.

At a basic level, our goal is to provide for health and education programs and aid to children living in extreme poverty.  However, we also want to fund programs that inspire children to experience the benefits of personal and social responsibility. 

Children In Film's Charities and Events

Socks for Souls, Inc.

After spending a year co-creating, directing and producing a documentary on homelessness in the Los Angeles area,  “Hope For Our Own: An LA Story,” CIF Enhanced Member and YOUTH LEADER Riley Beres began to see a need for unthought of resources: clean socks and underwear for those in need.

In December 2015 Children In Film will be pairing up Socks for Souls in an effort to collect socks, undergarments and hygeine products for people in need. Socks for Souls uses educational seminars and events to recruit companies, colleges, schools, families and service clubs to host drives of their own to collect the important everyday essentials.  Donations are distributed to local shelters and soup kitchens.  Check out Socks for Souls and see how you can help.


In June of 2012 Children In Film teamed up with Kidpower in an attempt to combat the influx of sexually predatory behavior that has occurred within the industry.  Kidpower is a global non-profit leader in bullying prevention, child abuse prevention, violence prevention, stranger awareness, and personal safety education for children, teens, and adults.  Kidpower makes it fun to learn how to protect yourself against predators, and they are now working with the staff of CIF as well as its Board of Advisors to develop industry-specific programs, articles and educational materials.

Children In Film members are encouraged to download their 30-day challenge and attend upcoming events. Downloading this PDF means that you will agree to abide by Kidpower's Permission to Use Requirements which are listed on the final page of the document.

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

For the last two years CIF has hosted a FEEDback event where all young actors are invited to perform in front of a select group of casting directors in exchange for canned goods.  The event is open to the public and encourages young people to give back to the community while receiving valuable feedback from professionals who are also volunteering their time.  In the past, we have donated the goods to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. 

HVRM's mission is to meet the needs of the "whole person," - spiritually, emotionally and physically. They offer hope, hot meals, housing, health services and healing to those in need. If you are unable to attend CIF events related to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, we encourage you to visit their website and contact them for ways to get involved. 

To watch a video produced by CIF youth board of advisor members, click here

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a worldwide, creative problem solving competition designed to help young people learn to think beyond standardized tests and to complete tasks that challenge them in a variety of ways.  The program, where teams of 5-7 young people create performances to showcase their solutions to various pre-outlined problems, encourages kids and teens to learn new things, develop team unity and sportsmanship and complete projects without the assitance from adults or anyone outside of the team.

Children In Film thought OotM would be a great way for our young performers to learn about other areas of production including script writing, set design, choreography and costumes.  CIF's team will compete in March of 2012 at the Regional Tournament. 

The Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program

In July/August of 2010, Children In Film along with the Actor's Fund and via sponsorship from Toastmasters Club 21 of Santa Monica, California, hosted our very first Youth Leadership Program.  The YLP program was a free event for our youth/teen members designed to develop their public speaking and leadership skills so that they are better prepared to handle the challenges of today's world.

For four weeks, members gathered to learn techniques for improving their public speaking as well as the ins and outs of leadership.  On August 10th, the youth presented a banquet to family, industry professionals and fellow Toastmasters which they developed and prepared themselves.  It was a great success for all involved!

Read about YLP in the Santa Monica Daily Press

The Miracle Project

In June of 2010 Children In Film donated a portion of membership fee earnings to The Miracle Project founded by CIF Board of Advisor member Elaine Hall Katz whose book "Now I See the Moon: A Mother, A Son, A Miracle," is now on sale and can be purchased through Amazon.com.

The Ernie Garcia Fund

Children In Film is reaching out to its members to help support victims of the recent California fires.   Ernie Garcia and his family recently lost their home and all of their possessions in the August 2009 Station Fire.

A Minor Consideration

A Minor Consideration is a non-profit foundation formed to give guidance and support to young performers, Past, Present and Future. AMC fosters the notion that family education is the key ingredient to a productive future.  The members of AMC provide a strong emphasis on education and character development, and help to preserve the money child actors generate.  AMC also seeks to help with the tricky transition issues that many kid stars face.  AMC states that their lessons were "earned, not imagined;" the founder of AMC, Paul Petersen was himself a child actor.

Children In Film is committed to the positive employment of child actors.  We recognize that there are many "negative stories" associated with child stars, but we also know that there are many success stories as well.  By partnering with AMC, we aim to further promote these success stories and help child actors everywhere realize this success by avoiding pitfalls associated with young actors. Additionally, AMC is dedicated to ending the exemption to federal child labor laws for kids in the entertainment business that have been in place since 1938, and to seeing that the rules, laws and regulations are the same for children in the industry no matter where they labor.  Children In Film wholeheartdly supports the dedication to this cause.

Success For Kids (SFK.org)

Success For Kids provides educational curriculum based on the ideas of sharing, cause and effect and the universal human truths.  As an educational nonprofit organization, Success for Kids partners with educators, schools and organizations to teach tools to assist children in making choices to change their course and benefit future generations.

By partnering with SFK, Children In Film aims to promote an education in personal and social responsibility and provide children the tools to do so as they move into adulthood.

The Joseph Horvath Memorial Scholarship Fund

In April, Children In Film members were invited to attend a private screening of The Kings of Appletown, directed by Bobby Moresco.  The private screening was part of an effort to support the Joseph Horvath Memorial Scholarship Fund so, on behalf of our members, Children In Film made a $500 contribution to the fund which continues to support the effort to award scholarships to bright and deserving students making it easier for young people to pursue their educational goals.  The scholarship is in honor of Joesph Horvath who was dedicated to serving the lives of many children.

Charity Projects Entertainment Fund (CPEFund.org)

Charity Projects Entertainment Fund is a 501(c) 3 Charity.  CPEF partners with Scholastic.com which delivered the "Idol Gives Back" education campaign.  Other partners include ONE.org and the Global Campaign for Education.  This U.S charitable organization was established to help combat extreme poverty in the United States and all over the world, particularly in Africa.  CPEF’s mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment and they do this by raising awareness, developing and distributing educational tools and initiatives, and making grants to organizations that are committed to making an impact.

As a company directly connected to the entertainment industry, Children In Film will play a part in the influencing power that entertainment holds.  By contributing to CPEF’s efforts, we hope to accomplish the shared goal of combating poverty and reinforcing educational efforts throughout the world.

San Fernando Valley Mission

Recently Children In Film's president Toni Casala spearheaded efforts to redesign and improve the San Fernando Valley Mission's facilities.  With the help of Home Depot's Orange Embrace program and local business like The Robin Hood British Pub and community members like Brian Wilke, the project was a huge success.

"Thank you so much.  What you did here at the mission was great and I am so thankful!"
~Ken Craft, Director
San Fernando Valley Mission

Children's Hunger Fund

In 2008, Children In Film made a donation to the Children's Hunger Fund, an organization that Barbara Cameron, CIF Power Parent and mom to Kirk and Candance Cameron,  supportsThe Children's Hunger Fund helps is a well-known charity that has a mission to help children around the world who suffer from poverty.

How Celebrities Give Back

Celebrities have many ways of giving back to the community.  Some give monetary donations while others are notorious for giving their time.  Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlett Johansson and Orlando Bloom are well-known for giving back in many ways.  In addition, young stars are doing their part to help out.  Dakota and Elle Fanning, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, the Sprouse twins, Hilary and Hailey Duff and many more well-known child stars all give back to the community by donating their time, money and talents.

Barbara Cameron, Children In Film "Power Parent" and mom to former child stars, Kirk and Candace Cameron, volunteers her efforts regularly with the Children's Hunger Fund  which, in their purpose statement says that they, "seek to alleviate the suffering of children by equipping God's Church to communicate a relevant Gospel through effective compassion ministry."  Contributing and volunteering with the Children's Hunger Fund allows her to give back to the community via efforts which she supports and a mission that she believes in.

Other Celebrity Charity Efforts...

Zac Efron - Make a Wish Foundation
Selena Gomez - UNICEF
Queen Latifah - Milton Hershey School (school for at risk kids)
Mary Louise Parker - Jumpstart (child literacy program)
Christina Aguilera - World Hunger Relief (World Food Program and hunger relief)
Miley Cyrus - The Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation (named after the singer's grandfather Ron, who died in 2006, which aims to help deprived children by providing health care, education and community support.)

How You Can Give Back

There are many ways for you and your child actor to give back back to the community.  Sometimes giving back is as simple as donating your time, money or support to the organization of your choice.  Sit down with your child and discuss the options for giving back and have him/her help to decide how they'd like to participate in giving back to the community.  

In addition, like Barbara Cameron, consider donating your time, money and/or talents to a cause that has a special meaning to you or represents your beliefs and values.  The time you volunteer is an extension of yourself and should be worn with pride.

Giving Your Time
Consider spending some time at a local shelter or a charity event put on by your community, school or church. 

Giving Your Things
Have your child go through his/her clothing and toys to find a few things that s/he no longer wears or plays with.  This will allow your child to make a conscious decision and sacrifice for those in need.  Then take the clothing and toys to a drop-off spot for Goodwill or other thrift store that relies on donations from the community.

Giving Your Talents
Your child has been blessed with talent - be it his or her singing, acting, dancing or musical ability, these talents are a great resource for giving back to the community.  Consider being involved in or organizing a show that raises money or awareness.

Giving Your Donations
While you may not have the means to donate your time or items, you may decide that you can contribute a monetary donation to charity.  There are a number of charities across the country that will happily except your donation and provide you with a tax write-off receipt.





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“When there isn’t a single starving child on earth, I will spend $250.00 on a pair of shoes”

- Claudia Stewart
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