Perhaps you already know that you will need a kids talent agency to represent your child. Those who understand the casting process understand that In order to break in to the entertainment industry, your child must have representation – either a child talent agency or a kids talent manager – to help them land auditions and guide their career.

There are child talent agencies throughout the United States, but how will you know which child agency to choose and how can you effectively contact these child talent agents?

You’ve come to the right place! Children In Film has a nationwide network kids talent agencies. All you have to do is search our Member Directory for child talent agencies in your area. You’ll be able to read ratings and recommendations from other parents, and contact the kids talent agencies directly through the site!

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"It’s a great chance for kids to be able to network and gain exposure in front of some of the top professionals in entertainment."
Jeremy Apody, head of the Youth Division at Abrams Artist Agency

"We have signed Matthew Cuen and Joshua Salvati, Jakob Salvati and Annabella Salvati. We love CIF!!"
Mary Refvem, Brilliant Talent