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"Extremely Loud" Star Learned About 9/11 While Making the Film

January 18, 2012

For 13 year-old actor Thomas Horn, the film "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" represented not just his first major acting role but also a chance to learn about some very painful recent history.

He was only 3 when the World Trade Center was attacked, so Horn had to research the events of 2001 in preparation for playing the character of Oskar Schell, a young boy whose father died on 9/11. Horn even met with families who lost loved ones on that day.

"It really made a big impact on me," says Horn. "In a way that's what made 9/11 real for me. I don't remember the day, I don't really hear about it that much in my normal life, but meeting those people made me realize on an emotional level the tragedy so many have gone through." Read More