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Breaking Dawn… of a Young Actor’s Career

November 18, 2011

With ferocious werewolves and pale-faced vampires setting the scene, the highly anticipated release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 will generate even more interest here in Squamish than elsewhere because scenes from the movie were filmed in Paradise Valley and up-and-coming local actor Swo-wo Gabriel plays a role in the film.

The latest film in the Twilight Saga series is set for release today (Nov. 18) and is categorized as an action fantasy movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s cult Twilight Saga book series.

Gabriel, who was featured in the new TV series Blackstone in January this year, told The Chief that he was surprised when he landed the role of Brady Fuller in Breaking Dawn.

“My agent sent me to the audition that was being held in Vancouver,” the 16-year-old said, explaining that his audition consisted of being filmed pretending to play soccer with someone else in front of the casting director. “They were trying to see if I could make them believe I was actually having fun.”

And it turns out they believed him.

Gabriel says he was stunned when a couple of months later, his agent sent him an email with the title “Surprise!”

“I actually didn’t think I had it because they usually contact you a week after,” he said. “I was really happy. It feels good when you get a role like that.”

But there was little time to allow it all to sink in as a mere two weeks later, the producers started shooting. Read More