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Jurassic Park Was a Scream, Says Former Child Star

October 28, 2011

During a break in the filming of epic dinosaur movie Jurassic Park, director Steven Spielberg introduced its 12-year-old star, Ariana Richards, to his special on-set visitor that day, veteran actress Fay Wray.

The beautiful heroine of movie classics such as 1933’s King Kong, Wray was known as the ‘Scream Queen’ for her ability to issue blood-curdling cries at the drop of a hat. ‘So Steven brought her right to me  on set and said: “From one great screamer to another,” ’ says Ariana. ‘I think he even dedicated one of my screams to Fay.’

As Lex Murphy, one of the unlucky visitors to Jurassic Park, Ariana’s on-screen howling could shred lettuce.

She yelled her head off most memorably when she came face to face with an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

‘I remember Steven saying: “Ariana, what on earth are you drawing from when you’re screaming? Were you frightened by a clown when you were really young?” So I guess I must have been doing something right.’ Read More