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Melissa & Joey: Q&A with Former Child Actor Joey Lawrence

July 05, 2011

The new sitcom Melissa & Joey finishes up its first season this summer on ABC Family. Star Joey Lawrence shared with Poptimal some of his thoughts about the show, on which he plays a Ponzi scheme victim and live-in nanny for two teenagers inherited by his friend Mel (Melissa Joan Hart). The actor most remembered for playing “Joey” on the early-90s NBC comedy Blossom is now a father, cooking enthusiast, and animated musician with pop stardom dreams and a freshly-shaved head.

Philadelphia-born Lawrence described Melissa & Joey as a show about “two young people who are just trying to make life work under unique circumstances.” Platonic friends Mel and Joe must share an apartment with Mel’s niece and nephew, and care for them full-time, despite their lack of parental know-how and questionable moral stature. “We try to make it lighthearted and funny,” he said, adding that the goal of the inoffensive program is to get viewers to “kick back and laugh.” For him, the draw of Melissa & Joey is the onscreen chemistry he shares with his costar. “The underlying sexual tension is what keeps the show going,” he explained. “[Mel and Joe] have developed an affinity for each other…They’re sort of getting into the groove of living together and working together.” The actor shared plans to have his brothers Matt and Andy appear in future episodes (in a “unique and interesting” context) and announced that he’ll be showing off his Japanese skills in an upcoming installment, as well. “I knew none, but I had to learn a lot in about four days,” he said. Read More