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Former Child Actor Elijah Wood on Wilfred, and The Hobbit

July 05, 2011

It's been a very good year for Elijah Wood. His quirky new comedy Wilfred — where he plays the suicidal straight man to an Australian comedian in a dog suit — was an out-of-the-gate hit for FX in its series debut last week. What's more, it's bookended by two projects that Wood considers huge personal accomplishments: Earlier this year, he played a young Ad-Rock in the Beastie Boys short Fight for Your Right Revisited, and this fall, he'll reprise his Lord of the Rings character Frodo for Peter Jackson's upcoming two-part prequel The Hobbit. Wood sat down with us recently on the set of Wilfred to discuss his transition into television and his segue back into Middle-earth; here's an extended version of the conversation that appeared in the magazine.

What scared you about doing Wilfred?
I think initially that it'd be as good as I'd hoped it would be, or that we'd collectively dreamed it to be. That was definitely a fear. Because I signed onto it after the pilot, I was in, but at that point we hadn't gotten the scripts yet for the season. We didn't get scripts for the season until February. Read More