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Former Child Star Selena Gomez Talks About her Latest Film 'Monte Carlo'

July 01, 2011

Selena Gomez has not only a brand new album out this week, but a movie as well. We had the chance to sit down with the young star and chat about her new movie Monte Carlo, her new album “When the Sun Goes Down,” and a few other things liker her favorite Texas restaurants.

The beginning of the movie includes some second unit shots of Texas did you know several were shot in the Denton County area?

We definitely wanted to shoot some more of the spacious pretty areas of Texas. I wasn’t here for it, because we didn’t shoot any first unit here. I thought it was very sweet and authentic.

The diner stuff was shot overseas correct?

Yeah we shot that in Hungary, but it was very authentic.

So what do you get to do when you come home?

First thing I do is I go to my Nana’s house, because I like to relax with my family.  I like to go to Cracker Barrel, Chickfila, and Whataburger. All in the same day believe it or not, because I miss it so much! In California we don’t have any of those places.

Nicole Kidman and Forrest Whitaker were producers on this film, what was your involvement with them?

I haven’t met Forrest, but I did meet Nicole. We had a dinner when I first got the project. I was so starstruck, and she was incredibly nice and supportive. She’s someone I look up to, so that gave me a boost. Read More