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Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore Talk About Their Career Crossroads

June 17, 2011

In “The  Art of Getting By,” Freddie Highmore, now 19, tries to get over his tuned-out, obsessed with his own mortality thing by befriending the cutest girl in school, played by Emma Roberts, 20.

It’s a film that sees these two former child stars — the onetime Nancy Drew and the Charlie of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — wrapping up one phase in their lives and prepping for the next one. And they’re facing that crossroads in opposite ways.

“I’ve had a fantastic childhood,” Highmore says. “You don’t get to play the kid forever. Acting, in my case, supplements my education as opposed to taking anything away from my life. My life has been enhanced by going to all these fantastic places, meeting all these very smart people and being a part of some amazing films.” Read More