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Former Child Actor Freddie Highmore in 'The Art of Getting By'

June 09, 2011

The idea, the young actor says, is "sort of '70s punk." This reporter, however, has never seen him look more like an "Alfred" than at this moment.

Given name aside, Freddie Highmore is gracious and friendly as he sits down to chat in a well-appointed Los Angeles home during a break in a magazine photo session. Hence the odd attire: If this is "punk," it's the ultra-clean version in immaculate black and white, with pseudo-bowler hat. Not quite "Clockwork Orange," but quite not Johnny Rotten.

Highmore is 19 now, but every bit as fresh-faced as he was at 16 or younger; the teddy-bear-tender eyes, the elfin chin. But sadly for some fans, he is, in fact, growing up. When last he spoke with this newspaper, for 2008's "The Spiderwick Chronicles," he still wasn't allowed to see 18-and-older films, even ones starring his friends, such as Johnny Depp's "Sweeney Todd." Now he can't even remember the first few such movies he saw. Other coming-of-age landmarks have likewise vanished in his rearview.

"When you're younger, you think, when I get to a certain age, I'll be able to do this - drive and all, but when you get older it's just normal," he says. "I can't remember the first time I drove." Read More