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Former Young Actor Rob Lowe Shares Love of Acting in Memoir

April 28, 2011

Imagine a 10-year-old Rob Lowe boldly knocking on the door of Liza Minnelli's suite in a Columbus, Ohio, hotel.

"In most other areas of my life, I am slightly behind the curve, retiring, sometimes unsure," he recounts in his autobiography, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends." "But when it comes to anything to do with dreams of being an actor I am filled with what I would later learn is called chutzpah."

"My name is Rob Lowe. I want to be an actor and I was hoping to meet Miss Minnelli," he tells her husband, Jack Haley Jr., at the door. Minnelli, who was at the height of her fame, was appearing in the award-winning musical film "Cabaret." She invites Lowe into her living room. She's eating chocolates and drinking wine.

Lowe is mesmerized. They chat for a while about theater and music before she sends him off with a wink: "Good luck, kid. Maybe I'll see you in Hollywood."

Precocious? Yes, but also driven to success. Read More