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Broadway Parents Weigh-In On Proposed Child Labor Rules

February 01, 2011

Broadway's Addams Family wouldn't be complete without Pugsley, and Mary Poppins just wouldn't be the same without its Jane and Michael Banks. But that's what some young actors, their parents and agents fear could happen if the new rules take effect.

"I'm worried that they won't cast children and I won't be able to have the opportunities that I should be able to have," said Child Actor Devon Pedell.

The proposed rules would limit the number of hours young stage and film performers could work. Actors between the ages of nine and 16 would be allowed no more than five hours per day. They'd also have to be tutored on site, three hours every day they're working.

Perhaps most troublesome for Broadway is a proposal that would ban actors under the age of 18 from working past 10 p.m. Parents aren't convinced the newly proposed rules will work for them or for the industry. Read More