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Real-life Draco is a Nice Guy

November 24, 2010

For every hero, there must be a foil, a villain of such proportion that defeating him seems impossible right up to the moment the impossible happens.

The Harry Potter books feature an all-star roster of villains, starting with the evil Lord Voldemort. From there, you have Severus Snape, who scowled at Harry and his pals throughout their entire time at Hogwarts.

Sometimes the worst villains are the ones closest in age and proximity to you, and in Harry's case that would point to Draco Malfoy.

In every Potter film, Tom Felton has played Draco, son of Lucius (Jason Isaacs in the films), the Hogwarts bully, Slytherin slimeball and always in Harry's way during each phase of the young wizard's quest.

Felton, 23, a native of Surrey, England, is an enthusiastic musician and was an established child actor in the popular British series, "The Borrowers," before "Harry Potter" came along.  Read More