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Former Child Actress Emma Stone's comedy is a John Hughes remix for Generation Text

September 16, 2010

If every age gets the teen movie it deserves, Generation Text could ask for nothing better than "Easy A." Will Gluck's high school comedy combines the soul of John Hughes with the arch sass of Diablo Cody, and delivers something delightfully new in the process.

Expect to hear much more about Emma Stone, who's thoroughly charming as misguided heroine Olive Penderghast. When we first meet Olive, she's sharing her woes on a much-watched webcast. It seems Olive has become the school pariah, in a tale that mirrors the book her English teacher (Thomas Haden Church) has assigned. Just like "The Scarlet Letter's" Hester Prynne, Olive has been humiliated and shunned, primarily for having sex with the wrong person. Read More