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Former Child Actor Tyler Posey on the new 'Teen Wolf' TV Series

September 16, 2010

Although we were distracted by the presence of powerhouse pop stars Justin Bieber, Drake and Lady Gaga on our fancy white carpet at Sunday's VMAs, our supernatural senses kicked in when the three young stars of "Teen Wolf" swung by.

The series, which is based on the original cult teen comedy made famous by star Michael J. Fox, was picked up by MTV earlier this year and is set to debut in 2011.

"The shoes of Michael J. Fox are so big to fill, it's just he did his own thing," star Tyler Posey told MTV News of the inevitable comparisons between the reboot and the original. "We're definitely doing our own thing. We are doing a remake of 'Teen Wolf,' but it's almost nothing like the original movie. We've got our own thing going on." Read More