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Former Child Star Drew Barrymore on Going the Distance

September 07, 2010

Drew Barrymore is one of this generation’s better rom-com queens. In movies like Fever Pitch, Music and Lyrics and 50 First Dates she’s a delightful love interest. She wanted to go a little edgier in Going the Distance.

"I just wasn’t in that place in my life where I wanted to play a cuckoo, wacky role-reversal scenario,” she said. “Someone who can hang out with guys, and loves women, but has spine and is funny, I feel like I relate to that kind of person right now in my life. It was a pleasure for me to get to improv and work on a much more free-flowing way where you could play around and you don’t have to be so censored, because you had an R-rating. That, to me, was just an absolute pleasure.” 
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