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Little House Star Melissa Anderson Releases Book, "The Way I See It"

June 01, 2010

Many remember Melissa Anderson as “the blind sister” on frontier family drama Little House on the Prairie. But the sweet lady with the bright blue eyes has done much more, and now she can add “author” to her credits.

She has written a book, Melissa Anderson: The Way I See It, which is a look back at her life on Little House. It’s about her journey as a child performer, when she was known as Melissa Sue Anderson. Her book is filled with personal and revealing anecdotes from her Little House years, which started in 1974.

It is also a portrait of a young performer who became a successful adult actress. Unlike the horror stories we’ve heard about other former child stars, Anderson is a well-adjusted adult who took time off from her career to be a stay-at-home mom to her daughter Piper and son Griffin, with husband producer-director-writer Michael Sloan. Read More