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Edgy Actor Crispin Glover Finds Fame in ‘Alice in Wonderland’

June 01, 2010

While still in his teens, the eternally aberrant Crispin Glover got his start appearing in one-shot roles on such homogenous TV shows as “The Facts of Life,” “Happy Days” and “Family Ties.” On an equally strange note,  Glover wants you to know that “Alice in Wonderland” has come to DVD.

How is it possible for an edgy cult figure like Glover to be starring in one of only six films to have reached the $1 billion mark in worldwide box-office receipts?

His big break came when he appeared as Michael J. Fox’s father in “Back to the Future.”  But it was his creepy performance as a big-talking high school troublemaker in “River’s Edge,” and an even creepier real-life karate kick that almost connected with David Letterman’s head, that helped cast a darker aura over Glover’s burgeoning cult status. Read more