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Young Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse

April 19, 2010

He wears glasses, is a bit on the scrawny side and has played a geek in a couple films, but Christopher Mintz-Plasse, known best for his role as McLovin in “Superbad,” is a blood-thirsty, violence-loving, action junkie -- at least when it comes to his taste in movies.

Still, Mintz-Plasse, or “Chris,” as he introduced himself, told me there was one film that was so graphic, it got to him.

“It was called ‘Frozen,’ " Mintz-Plasse said on Friday as we sat in a room in McCormick Place (2301 S. Lake Shore Dr.), where he was appearing as part of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). “It’s about these kids stuck on a ski lift overnight. One guy jumps down on the frozen snow and when he lands, his knee caps explode. It was brutal and I loved it.”

It’s no surprise Mintz-Plasse was drawn to “Kick-Ass,” a superhero movie with such a high body count, you could say it’s “Kill Bill” with capes. He initially auditioned for the role of “Kick-Ass” but was turned down on the spot by director Matthew Vaughn. Read More