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Dakota Fanning: Child Star Turns ‘Cherry Bomb'

April 09, 2010

Had America not watched Georgia-born Dakota Fanning grow up on-screen, her latest role as a teen "Cherry Bomb" might not seem so shocking.

The actress, who became America's big-eyed sweetheart at 6 years old in "I Am Sam," dons a famous white corset in the film "The Runaways" for her turn as Cherie Currie, the lead singer of Joan Jett's pioneer all-girl rock band. The Runaways catapulted to fame in the mid-1970s as teenagers, only to disband a few years later because of in-fighting and drug addiction.

The movie, loosely based on portions of Currie's autobiography "Neon Angel," attempts to chronicle the band's rise and fall while focusing mainly on Currie's early life as the daughter of an alcoholic father and absent mother. She was just 15 when she was discovered by producer Kim Fowley, portrayed by Michael Shannon in the film, the same age as Fanning during the filming process. Read More