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Spy Next Doors' Young Co-Star Will Shadley

January 14, 2010

Will Shadley didn't have to go far to get some veteran advice on how to handle stunts in new action comedy "The Spy Next Door." The 10-year-old actor turned to co-star and master stunt man Jackie Chan.

"There were other people who choreographed the stunt but it was Jackie who told me how to do it and showed me what to do," Will says.

Will plays Ian, one of the three children under the care of their mom's new boyfriend, former CIA spy Bob Ho (Chan). They don't like the new beau.

The film, which also stars Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez, opens Friday.

Eventually, after Ian gets some advice from Bob, the pair become friends.

"Ian is nerdy and gets picked on a lot because he moved up a couple of grades. Bob shows him what to do to be more cool," Will says. Read More