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'Revolt' a Role He Waited For

January 06, 2010

Michael Cera read C.D. Payne's witty coming-of-age novel, "Youth In Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp," when he was 16.

Cera was enthralled with the the book's protagonist - who was 14 - and identified easily with the struggles growing up can produce. Secretly, he always hoped he would have the opportunity to play Nick in a movie one day. Then just such a script arrived but, like many dreams in Hollywood, it took years before there was a breakthrough.

In the meantime, young Mr. Cera went from TV actor (on Fox's "Arrested Development") to movie star ("Superbad," "Juno").

"I was trying to be part of it for a long time," Cera recalls. "It kept getting pushed back and I was worried by the time it got made I would be too old to play the part. But I just always asked about it and always wanted to be a part of it." Read More