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Former Child Actor Michael Cera in 'Youth in Revolt'

January 07, 2010

Ask Michael Cera, the star of "Youth in Revolt," if he has lost his virginity, and he answers "Yes" before adding that good, if dusty, chestnut: "Now, I'm trying to get it back."

Recycled jokes about lost virginity are a lot like movies that mine the humor of the same subject: Depending on the execution, they veer wildly between trite and funny. In the case of Cera's quip -- spoken with his halting, thoughtful, almost squeaky voice -- it falls solidly on the humorous side.

With "Youth in Revolt," in theaters Friday, director Miguel Arteta ("The Good Girl") aspires to similar success with a movie that follows a common plot line: a sexually ambitious teen seeks to lose his virginity, falls in love with a beautiful girl, and then must endure a variety of escapades to achieve his original goal. Read More