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A New Disney Channel Niche: Adults???

December 31, 2009

If dying is easy and comedy is hard, then writing comedy for Disney Channel must be harder still.

Take the biology joke originally considered for the network's new sitcom "Good Luck Charlie," which is slated to premiere in the spring. A teenage girl and her "hot" classmate are snuggled on the couch during a study date. When he reaches to turn off the light, she was to say: "Now I'm in the mood for some biology."

The line received a hearty laugh at a table reading but also raised the eyebrows of Adam Bonnett, Disney Channel's senior vice president of original series, who jokingly asked the show's creative team if they could convey the same information without being "so . . . biological." The dialogue was eventually replaced by a chaste glance. "There was sensitivity that she was being a little too forward," Bonnett said.

At most other networks, where many sitcoms swim in the muck of lowbrow humor, the joke in question might well have been thrown out too, but for an entirely different reason -- namely, that it wasn't "biological" enough. And even with most other programs on Disney Channel, which courts and still has a dominant hold on the tween audience, the line probably wouldn't have made it to the table read stage. Read More