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15 Year Old Saoirse Ronan of 'The Lovely Bones' Says on Balance

December 11, 2009

At 15, she is poised, thoughtful . . . and still very much a teen.

Don't call her the new it girl. She'll fidget with her sleeves; the pressure makes her a bit squeamish. The new lit girl? She's OK with that.

Saoirse (pronounced SIR-sha) Ronan burst onto the scene at 13 with her Academy Award-nominated performance in the cinematic adaptation of Ian McEwan's " Atonement." She played Briony in the period drama -- a child who meddles in her sister's love affair, causing devastating results -- and held her own opposite the film's lead actors, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.

Her latest film, "The Lovely Bones," an adaptation of the bestselling book by Alice Sebold and directed by Peter Jackson, hits theaters Friday. Read More