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'New Moon' causes strange changes for Taylor Lautner

November 19, 2009

It must be terrifying to know that fame, like a giant, all-consuming tidal wave, is about to break over you at any moment. But if Taylor Lautner's scared, he's not showing it. In fact, the 17-year-old star of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon, "which opens in theaters at midnight Thursday, seems a little too calm. When talking about his starring role as Jacob Black in the follow-up to last year's box office breakout "Twilight," he exudes an effortless boy-next-door charm. His demeanor, though somewhat guarded, is more small-town high school football star than newly minted teen heartthrob.

It's a little eerie, really.

Maybe that sense of calm is because the frenzy around Lautner's rising star has only just begun, or perhaps he's well suited to life at the center of the pop culture maelstrom sparked by Stephenie Meyer's bestselling young-adult novels about high school student Bella Swan and the two supernatural suitors vying for her affections. Read More