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Review: 'Astro Boy' Soars With Adventure

November 04, 2009

Now here's an animated action flick that gets almost everything right.  Astro Boy is the retelling of a Japanese magna series first published in 1952, that later became a popular animé series for both Japanese and American television audiences.  Many changes have been made to the sci-fi story for this new Americanized computer animated movie, but it's still very cool, and in many ways, better than the old versions.

Astro Boy is set in the futuristic Metro City, where robots are the servants of man.  The city floats in the atmosphere, atop a junkyard full of discarded robot parts on a nearly ruined planet Earth.  Dr. Tenma is one of the city's greatest scientists.  Near the beginning of the movie, his son Toby, perishes in a science lab accident, so he creates a very powerful robot son as a replacement.  His new son has many high tech weapons and powers.  The entire movie tells of how this robot boy finds his place in the world, and becomes the hero that the city needs. Read More