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STAGE REVIEW: Taking a New Look at 'Brighton Beach Memoirs'

November 02, 2009

Eugene Morris Jerome is quite the quipster.

Even at age 15, the lad can rattle off one-liners with machine-gun precision and get a laugh. He's also a keen observer of his family's turbulent domestic life in 1930s Brooklyn, the setting for "Brighton Beach Memoirs," Neil Simon's lightly fictionalized tale of his own adolescence.

Eugene is a young Simon, of course, and the play is a skillful and, dare we say it, heartwarming remembrance of things past. It represents Simon's stretching his considerable talent as a comic craftsman, finding something more than a parade of wisecracks in this look at an eager, over-imaginative kid yearning to grow up and become a writer, or maybe play for the New York Yankees...... Read More