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Showbiz Kids: What Goes Into Making a Lasting Career for Young Performers?

October 27, 2009

When Miley Cyrus wanted to shift away from the tween roles that have defined her career, Tish Cyrus, her mother and co-manager, started at the top.

Rather than look for a pre-existing script, she contacted bestselling author Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") and asked him to write something specifically for her daughter.

"Sparks is an amazing, faith-based writer and a Christian and he writes about relationships with a family and there is nothing about sex or things I felt were wrong for her," she explains.

Cyrus, 16, met with the writer to flesh out her character; she disclosed elements from her own life -- like her love for animals -- that Sparks incorporated in his work, which started as a screenplay and only later became "The Last Song," a best-selling novel. The movie version, with Cyrus, opens in April. Read More