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Review: 'Zombieland' Wakes the Dead

October 12, 2009

In a post-zombielyptic world, who better to have taking names and kicking ass than a Twinkie-loving man, a neurotic-to-the-core college student, a rebellious young woman, and her pre-teen sister? Anyone, you say? Well, probably, but they definitely wouldn’t be as entertaining.

Zombieland is a hilarious film that stars three of the best young actors of the last few years, along with one grizzled movie veteran, creating a surprising combination that works well together. Leading man Jesse Eisenberg has received rave reviews for his roles as a neurotic and hopelessly awkward young adult in more than a few movies now. He both stars and narrates as the character Columbus and explains that he has survived because he follows a strict set of rules since the beginning of zombie-time-all-the-time on Earth. His rules include cardio, beware of bathrooms, don’t be a hero, and check the back seat, all of which are hilariously displayed during the film. Read More