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Abigail Breslin on Fake Blood, Chatty Zombies, and Her Favorite Actress

October 07, 2009

It’s always an interesting experience to interview a child actor; some, especially those who’ve come out of the Disney school, are rehearsed and talkative within an inch of their lives, while others just seem like kids. You might expect Abigail Breslin to be a professionally groomed version of the former, but in fact, she’s refreshingly normal and unaffected. Talking to her is like talking to your thirteen-year-old niece, although your niece probably wasn’t nominated for an Oscar at ten years old.

Breslin switched gears a bit in her career to play a tough teen in Zombieland, and with the comedy riding high at the box office, I spoke to the actress about the making of the film and what she’s got on deck next. Read More