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'Zombieland', Starring Abilgail Breslin Brings in 25 Million

October 05, 2009

In the race between a bunch of zombies and three stars who are also directors — Ricky Gervais, Michael Moore and Drew Barrymore — the humans never stood a chance. The horror-comedy Zombieland won the weekend in North American theaters by scaring up $25 million, according to early studio estimates, which is more than the $23.6 million it cost to shoot the thing. This spawn of Shaun of the Dead helped Hollywood rebound from a lethargic frame a week ago; the industry's total take was nearly as burly as the same weekend last year, when the multiplex was ruled by Beverly Hills Chihuahua, another comedy about the invasion of Los Angeles by odd-looking creatures.

Starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg as Oscar-and-Felix zombie busters who hook up with con artist Emma Stone and her kid sister Abigail Breslin, the movie was sold as a splatter movie with laughs, which certainly brought in the intended demographic of lonely young males. But since it is also a buddy movie with a healthy slice of teen romance, the zom-com may eventually attract a more disparate crowd. Read More