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Former Child Star Drew Barrymore is Calling the Shots Now

September 28, 2009

Drew Barrymore, the onetime "E.T." moppet, wild child and scion of Hollywood, has over the last 15 years made herself the poster child for post-feminism girl power. Through a series of shiny comedies ("Charlie's Angels," "Never Been Kissed," "He's Just Not That Into You") in which she starred -- and increasingly produced with her business partner and best friend Nancy Juvonen -- the 34-year-old Barrymore has preached a bouncy, politics-free, up-with-girls, follow-your-dreams mantra. Undoubtedly, it helped that she happened to be adorable too, with that giddy smile that never quite papers over the shadow of heartbreak.

Now comes Drew Barrymore: The Directorial Debut. Stepping behind the lens for the $15-million "Whip It," Barrymore saw her film unspool at the Toronto International Film Festival to largely sparkling reviews. Read More