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Unclaimed Coogan Trust Money

December 07, 2016

Important Info for Money Earned in California
The Coogan Law is a California law enacted to ensure that child actors receive at least 15% of their gross earnings when they reach the age of majority (18). Some states, New York for example, have adopted this law though they don't call it "Coogan",  rather a "Child or Minor Performer Trust".

Sometimes these "trust accounts" are required by state law, other times they are required through court approved contracts. The bottom line is that you will need to re-visit this topic periodically to ensure compliance state by state.

In California alone, The Actors Fund estimates that over 19,000 former/current young performers have accumulated deposits in the Unclaimed Coogan Trust.  About 580 out of the 19,000 have funds between $1000 and $5000.  The link below can help you and your clients determine if money is unclaimed.  The link also explains how your client can determine the amount of their unclaimed money and the procedure to follow to claim the money.