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Securing Representation

July 20, 2016

Tips and Tricks. Plus find out why summer may be the best time to lock down one of these pros...

Having an agent or manager is a key element in becoming a successful performer. Regardless of where you live and the specifics of what your child wants to pursue (TV or Film acting, stage performances, commercials, modeling, etc.) you will need to secure representation. Expanding your team to include an agent or a manager is crucial in order to get into the casting room and is viewed as the first major step towards launching an entertainment career.
The good news is that if you're still searching, summer is an excellent time to find representation.  Why? Because many agents and managers have spent the last few months (Pilot Season) focusing on their current roster - a reality for which you will be grateful down the line. But now that Pilot Season is simmering and summer days are underway, these agents and managers can take time to seek out new talent.  And guess what...that's just what they're doing. 
Take a moment to review the following tips and tricks for securing representation.
Make sure your headshot is up to par - Headshots are your first impression.
Agents and managers will take a brief moment to see if yours catches their attention, and then they will expect you to look like your headshot when they meet you in person.  Check out our Photo Contest section to see if your headshot matches up to the quality of the contest winners.  If you need new headshots, search our Membership Directory for the top-rated photographers in your area. 
Do your research - Don't just sign with the first person who expresses an interest in your child. You want to pick the best, and in order to do so you must do your research.  Plus, knowing about those with whom you will be interviewing will help you in your interview.
Practice your interviewing skills
- You only get a couple of chances (if that) in front of a potential agent or manager. Make sure you're ready by practicing your interviewing skills. Parents, remember to let your kids do most of the talking during interviews especially when it is related to their talents, interests and skills.
Propose a meeting - After researching agents and managers with whom you are interested in working, send them a message through their profile on CIF and be sure to specifically mention dates that you are available to meet.
Avoid scams
- Anyone who is looking to charge you as a condition of representation is waving a red flag in your face.  You never have to sign on the spot, so if you have doubts, tell the person thank you and that you want to think about it and walk away.

To check out the casting section of CIF for those agents and managers with open calls for new talent