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Is it Possible to Work Outside of Hollywood?

October 25, 2017

You're not in Hollywood, but you're still in the biz!
Ah, modern day technology... isn't it grand!?  We can secure representation for our child actor from the comfort and convenience of our home computer.  We can follow industry pros on Facebook and Twitter to learn the inside scoop, and...drum roll please... our children can indeed work in the industry even if we don't set up camp underneath the Hollywood sign. But for those just starting out, the tough part seems to be making this all happen.

Is making it in showbiz from another town really as easy as it sounds?

Unfortunately no, it's not.  It is possible, but the approach is different and not an easy one. The good news is with the right attitude and direction, you can make it happen. In fact, many CIF Success Stories come from families who did not originate in major film hubs. So while we won't tell you it's an easy goal to tackle, we will be truthful and provide you with the tools you can use to succeed.

To start, you must understand how the industry works. Parents, this means lots of homework and research. Start with completing our KidStart Program and reading the articles on the Responsible Parenting and Casting sections of our site.

Enroll in classes in your area. You can find affordable, rated and recommended acting coaches, classes and camps via our Membership Directory. Make sure you've first read up on avoiding scams.

Next, put your focus into finding representation, not auditions. Find a legitimate, locally-based agent or manager who is interested in representing your child without the requirement that you enroll in their classes. This agent or manager should receive frequent casting notices from all over the country and have the ability to convince those in LA and New York to accept video auditions.   

Then you must be diligent (with the help of your local rep) about gaining a Hollywood-connected agent or manager who will work with out of state talent. 

Finally, you have to network and this is where the going gets tough and the tough get traveling. At some point you will need to consider making a trip (not necessarily a permanent move) to Los Angeles. Yes, Hollywood is working throughout the country, but the business of the business still takes place in the major hubs. Showbiz moves quickly and opportunities pop up fast and the roles go to those who are constantly in the mix. Whether it is a trip to audition during pilot season or a networking trip in the summer to make new connections and have face-to-face meetings with connections you've already made, young performers must get involved in the LA scene.   

Now that we've got those details out of the way, let's shift the focus back to what you can do NOW if you don't live in a major hub because there is so much prep work necessary before you jump a flight.

We do want to reiterate that if your goal is to become a successful, working young performer, it is completely possible to realize that dream.