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CIF Success: Sark Asadourian

July 22, 2015

A message we recently received from CIF Enhanced Member: Sark Asadourian's mother Jodi.....

"When Sark first became interested in acting I happened upon CIF. It’s been a great resource to learn about the business. We have both listened in on the Hollywood from Home webinars and have used the website to learn so much.  We live in Nashville, TN.   Sark has had a local agent now for about a year and a half. In that time he has filmed a number of different local projects: commercial, music video, internet video, short films, and print.  Currently Sark is filming a feature length film called Cecil. Sark plays the lead character, Cecil, and he is shooting in Nashville right now. Cecil is a great family comedy with themes we can all relate to about embracing your uniqueness. You can checkout more about the film at www.facebook.com/cecil. You can check out Sark in the trailer that was made for the Kickstarter campaign which was a success here. Thank you for being a resource that I could trust along this journey! Sark is having the time of his life filming Cecil."