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CIF Success: Eden Estrella

May 13, 2015

CIF Enhanced Member: Eden Estrella
Furious Seven as Samantha Hobbs

A call from her talent agent, Siona Entertainment’s Ron Termeforoosh on a typical Thursday after school found Eden with a script and a character to internalize in less than 24 hours. This was what she had been waiting for; a once in a lifetime audition for a major motion picture!  A quick study with a vivid imagination, the quiet, introverted, straight A student transformed like Clark Kent, taking off her glasses and becoming little Miss Hobbs. At her audition she was asked to slate her name, to which, Eden stated confidently, “My name is Samantha Hobbs, aka Eden Estrella.” Two days later on a Sunday afternoon, she received the call that indeed she was Samantha Hobbs.  By late October 2013, she was on location in Atlanta, Georgia.   At the time of filming, Eden was 9½ years old playing a character originally written as an 11 year old.

During the Furious 7 Red Carpet Premiere held in Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater on April 1,2015, it came full circle as Eden celebrated her 11th birthday in style, with her family booking a suite at the Roosevelt Hotel where the VIP afterparty took place. Her parents wanted to ensure that she and her younger brother could sleep relatively within their designated curfew time, despite the exclusive party scene in the outdoor garden, where Eden gave out handmade “Thank you” cards for Universal, James Wan, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, posing in pictures with stars of the film before being tucked upstairs into bed.

Eden Estrella began her acting career in May 2013 when she was signed by her manager, Stern Talent Management’s founder, Thea Stern. Prior to landing the role in Furious 7,  she has worked on various commercials and live, musical performances.

What Eden loves most about the entertainment industry is being able to shift into any character, entering a world of make believe. She has a great grasp on the difference between reality and fantasy, as evidenced at the time of filming, when asked by her “dad” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on how she felt about delivering a line containing a “bad word”. Her response to The Rock and Director James Wan, “I know I shouldn’t say it because it’s bad, but I like saying it!” – eliciting laughter from the entire crew. In between takes, she played patty-cake with Vin Diesel.

Eden has written and directed mini videos with her little brother since the age of five,
loves to perform and sing, and has delved into the world of writing; publishing original stories on Wattpad.