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Why It Isn’t About “Getting it Right”

February 25, 2015

Don't Focus on Getting it Right
By Loren Chadima, Acting Coach

Actors often tell me that when they go into an audition they just want to “Get it Right.” But “Getting it Right” doesn’t get them the part.  Because when you focus on “Getting It Right…” you wind up creating a lot of issues that could be detrimental to your audition.

Why is focusing on “getting it right,” harmful to your audition?

  1. You become the most important person in the scene.
  2. It creates no reason for you to connect to the other person in the scene.
  3. It puts you in judgment of your performance and doesn’t allow you to be in the moment of the scene.
“Getting it Right” doesn’t allow the actor to experience what the scene is about and leaves an actor feeling unsatisfied, in turn, leaves the Casting Director unsatisfied and on to the next actor.

Instead, make sure you breakdown that scene and you know what your character’s intention is: What do you want the other character to feel or do. Connect to that intention, how do you relate to that, make it personal and fight for that intention. Then allow the experience of the scene to unfold.  This is what will get you a call back and the part.