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5 Ways Children In Film Launches Entertainment Careers

August 19, 2014

An Enhanced Membership on CIF Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

When it comes to helping parents launch their child’s career in entertainment, ChildrenInFilm.com is second to none. With an amazing track record of helping young performers in all types of entertainment (film, TV, commercials, modeling, singing and dancing), throughout the country, you’re sure to become a success if you utilize all CIF has to offer.

Member Profile – Save hundreds of dollars in mail-out submissions by submitting your digital headshot and resume through your personal profile on ChildrenInFilm.com.  Plus, you’ll be listed in our member directory so that pros can find you!

Fun fact: CIF Members report being contacted privately by industry pros via their membership profile for representation and job opportunities.

KidStart – Breaking in to the business is not easy. As a parent of a young performer, you have to be fully educated on the industry in order to take your child’s career to the next level, and so that you don’t fall victim to scams. CIF members receive access to KidStart – a ten step guide to launching a career in the biz.

Fun fact: Finding audition materials on the web such as monologues is often challenging and usually not free of costs.  CIF has a variety of monologues for all ages which you can find in the “auditions” section of KidStart.

Calls for Talent – ChildrenInFilm.com was revolutionary in launching the ability to virtually submit to agents and managers specifically seeking child talent.  The rated and recommended agents and managers on ChildrenInFilm.com are frequently seeking new talent and will put out an announcement each time they are looking. Be prepared to instantly submit by maintaining an Enhanced Membership on the site.

Fun fact: Industry pros find and sign new talent through www.ChildrenInFilm.com regularly.

Casting Notices – CIF runs the only website of its kind specifically devoted to minors in entertainment.  That means we specialize in casting notices specifically for kids 15 days old to 18 years old (and in some cases up to 25), and unlike any site of its kind CIF pre-approves each notice making sure that the rules and laws of your state will be followed and that the notice itself is a legitimate one.

Fun fact: California rules and laws require that auditions not be held during school hours and that children are paid at least minimum wage. CIF does NOT post casting notices unless these requirements are met. This is not always the case with other sites.

Networking Opportunities and Virtual Events – Designed even for those who are not local to Los Angeles or New York, CIF offers monthly events (both live and virtual) so that your child can network within the industry.  Hear a Speaker Series from an industry expert, attend a Ready…Set…Meet!, participate in a live Q&A Today webinar or watch a Virtual Learning, all included in the cost of your membership. Industry pros agree that continual networking, regardless of where you live, is one of the best ways to get your name out and eventually achieve industry success.

Fun fact: Reese Gonzales is just one of the many CIF success stories who landed a multitude of casting opportunities and jobs after attending a CIF Ready…Set…Meet!

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