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Who Loves Studio Teachers? WE DO!

May 21, 2014

Young Actors + Outstanding Educators = CIF

Every working child actor and parent gets to know a lot of people on set, but who do they get to know the most...their Studio Teacher. A Studio Teacher is more than an educator; they are an advocate for the young performer’s safety and welfare. So having a good Studio Teacher is incredibly important and beneficial for everyone involved - the director, production team, parent and of course, the child!

Children In Film, Inc. takes the business and welfare of young performers, their families and employers seriously, which is why we are pleased to announce our merge with Casala, Ltd. to create CIF’s new Studio Teachers Association. We believe this is the next step to providing outstanding comprehensive services to our members.

Experience, education, knowledge and the right personality are all key aspects of a good Studio Teacher. They need to have enough experience on a set to know who to go to when issues arise. Being well educated on a broad range of subjects allows the teacher to keep the kids on track with their curriculum. In order to keep children safe and help the production team in compliance, they need to be knowledgeable of the child labor laws, and they need to have the right personality to work with your child or on your set.

No one Studio Teacher can fit the bill for every job. Each job has a unique and different environment.  That’s why having an array of Studio Teachers to choose from is invaluable. Even more precious is having access to potential Studio Teacher’s qualifications, background, and work history. After all, this teacher is going to be your child performer’s mentor and partner on the set.

Casala, Ltd. has been providing the entertainment industry with top notch Studio Teachers for over 20 years. In the past 10 years, Children In Film has become the leading resource for child performer regulations and information. Together we are dedicated to ensuring that both parents and production companies are creating a safe and positive working experience for young performers. We are now the Children In Film Studio Teacher’s Association, a large roster of highly educated and vetted California Certified Studio Teachers.

The CIF Studio Teacher’s Association has California Certified Studio Teachers available in most of the major hubs (CA, NY, IL, NV, LA, WA), and our roster continues to grow.

Our Studio Teachers have outstanding academic backgrounds. They have also passed state and national sex offender registry checks. Children In Film’s Studio Teachers ensure children are safe and producers are in full compliance with the law. Best of all, CIF’s families and industry pros can rate and recommend our teachers in our Studio Teacher’s Association.

We hope you will find this expansion a valuable addition to our services. Give your favorite teacher a rating or recommendation today so others may learn from your experience!  Your feedback is invaluable and a vital part of the success of Children In Film.