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Membership in CIF - Your Lifeline

April 21, 2014

What does Membership in Children In Film bring to you?

Parenting is rewarding, but plenty challenging, right?
Add to that the role of parenting your child actor, and sometimes you wonder how you can possibly take on this additional role. It can be overwhelming as a parent to evaluate casting notices, decide upon who should be the key advocates of your child's career, and where you should put your efforts.

That's where ChildrenInFilm.com comes in. More importantly, that's what distinguishes CIF as a resource, compared to any other information that may come your way.
How? Commitment and credibility, for starters. We provide our members with more than a lifeline in these rocky waters. We've built a solid structure, a ship that helps you navigate through parenting a child actor. And we continue daily in adding to the foundation that supports you and your child.

Casting notices are all over the Internet.  CIF individually vets every notice we post and ensures that each is 100% real and paid.  In fact, we post non-paid notices only when they fall within the very strict limits of CA law .  Some may be small jobs, but they will be on bigger films. These are films of the caliber of Jurassic Park in Hawaii or Newsies on a Broadway stage; a legitimate effort for your child and for you.
We know you don't want to be chasing casting notices all day, especially when we know that  81% of you will not book the job and the jobs booked by the other 21% of you will likely be for low budget and not budget projects.   So instead of contributing to that madness, we provide you, our member, with the knowledge to actually understand the casting process  and connections to industry pro's who can make a difference in your child's future.
The best way to get truly quality work is to get an agent or manager to represent your child.  That's why ChildrenInFilm.com is the only site that has a way to reach out to managers and agents that are rated and recommended by the child actor community.  We are the only site that hosts regular free events designed to help get your kids out in front of them, where they can practice their skills.

On other sites, you're met (or overwhelmed) with projects. With CIF, on the other hand, you get ratings which give you a much deeper understanding and a direct connection to the opportunity. You learn more about the person to whom you are giving your business. We have Kepler Entertainment for example, a talent manager, seeking boys and girls, given a 5 star rating and Vicki Goggin, 5-star rated casting director, who recently posted a Panda Express commercial.   You can also take a pro-active approach by submitting directly to more than 100 5-star rated agents & managers across the country.

As a member, you have access to an exclusive list of talent agents and talent managers. This is your gateway to getting really good jobs. Not chasing after every casting notice. 

What else do you need in your arsenal to be an effective parent of your child actor? You need all the information and steps laid out clearly for you to keep your child's education a priority and their work permits valid.  As far as we have seen, ChildrenInFilm.com is the only resource that effectively and accurately provides everything you need regarding labor laws, work permits, and union rules, while also offering insight into on-set education

We've helped countless families chart the waters of a career in entertainment. Count on us for vital information on responsible parenting, education on set, and specific tools such as 10 key steps to get started in show business. Membership in CIF brings you the support you need to smooth your way.

We are not just a website.  We are a community of caring professionals and our site works because our members are actively involved.   So what are you waiting for! Upgrade your membership TODAY!