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Jason Bateman Makes Movie Directing Debut

March 13, 2014

Kid television actor turned go-to comic straight man Jason Bateman makes a — shall we say surprising? — feature-directing debut with “Bad Words.” Written by Andrew Dodge, it’s a wicked, fairly straight-faced and unapologetically foul-mouthed comedy about a 40-year-old jerk, Bateman’s Guy Trilby, who enters children’s spelling bees on a technicality and works his way up to the national finals.

Shot at such Los Angeles landmarks as the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City and Hollywood’s American Legion Hall, the low-budget laugher/cringer was made with all local talent except for New Yorker Rohan Chand, who plays the friendly young competitor Guy bonds with.

Like his sister, “Family Ties” star Justine Bateman, 45-year-old Jason was inspired by their producer-director father, Kent, to enter show business at an early age. He was a regular on series such as “Little House on the Prairie,” “Silver Spoons” and “Valerie” in his youth, and before making a comeback with “Arrested Development,” he became the Directors Guild’s youngest member ever when he shot a few episodes of “Valerie.” Read More