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Get to know Critics' Choice Awards Best Young Actor/Actress Nominees

January 15, 2014

Asa Butterfield

Unlike many child stars who are either ushered into acting by their parents or plead with their parents to move to New York or Los Angeles to pursue their passion, Asa Butterfield basically made it into the industry by kismet.

The now 16-year-old actor, who began acting locally at age 8, was spotted at an after-school drama club by a casting director — a chance occurrence that quickly propelled his career forward. At 10 years old, he won the lead in the Holocaust drama The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a role for which he received major critical acclaim. In 2011, he starred as the title character in Martin Scorsese's Hugo, and soon after, he secured the title part in Ender's Game.

The sci-fi film, which landed him his Critics' Choice nomination, follows Ender Wiggin in a futuristic world ruled by a militaristic government and plagued by giant alien insects called Formics. But what's even more terrifying than the prospect of gigantic extraterrestrial bugs?

"Meeting Harrison Ford is always a bit scary," Butterfield says of his co-star in an interview with the New York Post. Read More