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Casting Director Jen Rudin Offers Audition Advice for Stagestruck Kids (and Their Parents)

December 31, 2013

Ever wonder what it takes to catch the eye of a busy casting director who sifts through hundreds of resumes for every role? Jen Rudin began her show business career as a child actress before switching sides of the audition room table, and now she is sharing three decades of on-the-job experience in the excellent new book Confessions of a Casting Director. Rudin‘s casting assignments for Disney have included both movies and Broadway musicals including Mary Poppins and The Lion King, and her book offers tips for getting hired in every medium. Given her background, she‘s especially insightful about children in show business. In the excerpt below, Rudin offers no-nonsense advice to parents considering allowing their little ones to launch an acting career. Read on, then click at the bottom to get an exclusive first look at a video clip in which Rudin analyzes the politics of the audition waiting room! Read More