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Lil' Miss Sunshine Abigail Breslin May Be Your Next Fave Rock Star

December 10, 2013

Though we may always remember her thick-rimmed glasses and angelic eyes — or, more importantly, her adorable pink-plaid Oscars dress from her Academy nom — Abigail Breslin has left Lil' Miss Sunshine behind. Her career is fully fledged, from playing SJP's daughter to voicing critters with Johnny Depp, since she smartly got that pesky awards thing out of the way early. Though she's a seasoned Hollywood vet, Breslin is still a 17-year-old girl, which means she plays with her pups, blushes when we mention crushes, and still can't dye her hair wild colors.

 Abigail loves music, New York City, and her dogs (you know, like any girl who rubs shoulders with Arnold Schwarzenegger), and to support the latter, she hung out with the chihuahuas from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals at Henri Bendel's exclusive IMPOSTER Faux Fur shopping event. Pups! Christmas songs! Cuddly things! We did all we could to stop ourselves from snuggling into Abigail's faux-chilla vest.

How do you deal with the label of “child star?”
“I kind of just let it happen naturally. I mean, I think that that’s always what you get when you start acting at a young age. I don’t really care too much, to be honest with you. I just keep looking to make movies and trying new things. I search for parts that I feel passionate about and tend to ignore labels. I don’t really read anything written about me.” Read More