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Daniel Radcliffe Grows Up in ‘Kill Your Darlings'

December 05, 2013

Every artsy young man, it seems, goes through his Beat period—the moment when he discovers the work of Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, and their fellow travelers, then experiences epiphany. For some it’s the beginning of a lifelong literary romance. For others it’s just the start of a fling, a stop along the way toward true love found with dead Irish poets, absurdist playwrights, or humanist science fiction novelists. But Daniel Radcliffe might be the only young man whose Beat period was also research for a movie role.

“I knew who the Beats were,” says Radcliffe when asked how much he knew about Ginsberg before he signed on to play the poet in “Kill Your Darlings.” “I knew their place in American literature. I kind of knew what they represented in the sense that I knew that they were anti-establishment and that it wasn’t poetry that you read with your mother. I didn’t know anything about Ginsberg’s personal life. I certainly didn’t know anything about the story of ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ about David Kammerer and Lucien Carr.” Read More